I have been trying to look my best. To try and get up at 5 every morning. To try and get stuff done. My goodness, the past week has been rough! The painting in the photo behind me is from a late night session I did to crank out some creativity. (See it here) This mama has been sick.

The past 3 weeks have been one thing after another going on in THIS house. I have been craving some outdoor, hiking adventure and we haven’t been able to go at all. My daughter, Constance, caught a yucky stomach bug the first week. Can you anyone guess where she got that? School, yeeepp! That lasted a whole 4 days! Poor baby! School is like one big germ factory. She definitely did not get sick when she was younger and didn’t go to daycare. The moment she went to pre-school at a nearby church, it started on a very small scale.

The following weekend, after the stomach bug, which was Mother’s Day weekend, Constance came down with a cold. The weather has been pretty bi-polar lately, but that cold had her down for a little bit. Then, that following Wednesday, Mama dearest, this mama here, came down with a cold. This wasn’t just a cold, it felt like something knocked the crap out of me! Every time I would try to get rest or sleep, I would just get hot and felt even more exhausted than I did before I laid down. Turns out, it was an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. The husband has been away in Iowa training on the fun helicopters, while I have been feeling like one has landed on me and refuses to take flight!

I haven’t gotten rest like I needed to. I have just been keeping busy doing whatever I could. I did, however, have to take breaks and cool it, but mamas gotta get stuff done and don’t have time for a “man cold”. Thankfully, it seems to be going away. Still have a good cough, but much better.

Tomorrow, though….

Maybe we should hide so that we won’t get crazy luck for this coming weekend! MAMA needs some adventure and sunshine! Maybe I could spray the whole house quite a few times with Lysol or maybe get some holy water out? That might do it! Hahaha, just kidding.

For our hiking trip, we had plans to go 3 hours away for a new hiking adventure in upstate South Carolina, at Table Rock, but it has been on hold. I haven’t actually been hiking before. I am not sure why. I love the outdoors, the woods, mountains, but just never planned a trip. So this sounded like a fun thing to do as a family, explore a new area, take beautiful photos and so much more. I am ready!

Spring Fun-56

I added be more adventurous to my 2017 goals last month. The reality of  life itself, became a bit more in my face when I lost two friends back to back due to cancer. I decided to truly start living. Living out loud, each day. More dancing, more crazy, more go with the flow, get up and go moments. Life is definitely too short to sit on the sidelines and let life pass me by. I must grab it by the horns and live a simple, stupid, fun life. Being adventurous doesn’t have to cost lots of money all the time. It requires thinking outside of the box and letting go of perfection.

Spring Fun

So why don’t you do the same? Be more adventurous and get more out of life. It has so much to offer us while we are here! Go live and who cares if you act like a fool dancing!

Much Love,

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