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Beautiful intuitive art created with so much love and thought to draw you in, inspire you and bring you joy.

Taking you through the gardens with me, capturing the beauty around me through my lens. The beauty awaits you to slowdown and take it all in.

Life knocks us down, but you can find hope, truth and encouragement to find your way back up.

Where bravery meets courage with sprinkles of inspiration to help you walk in who you were created to be.

NEW – Come Alive Original Abstract Collection Release

You are bursting inside
Holding so much in.
You wonder and dream
Of running wild and free.

But thats for children
You are an adult now.
Fun days are over
And you must focus on who
Society told you to be.

So day in and day out
You put on that mask
Not the one that just covers
Your mouth and nose,

But the one that covers your soul.
The one that covers who you are.

Its so much easier
To stuff all of you deep
Down and keep her within.

You are too much for so many
And not enough for the others.
You feel something rising up in you
But you keep fighting

Stuffing her back in.

Something inside is bursting.
Wanting so bad to be free.

You have been so tired of showing up
As the world wants you to.
So much less than the woman you were created to be.

So day by day, you begin to take off a layer.
And another layer.

And another layer.
You have finally given yourself permission
To be you and kicked fear to the side.

To be wild and free
To be colorful and bold
To be messy and process your emotions

Because on the inside you have been bursting.


Bursting to Come Alive.