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Real Talk: You Know “Those Days”, I Have Them Too.

I had every intention of doing Real Talk Tuesday LIVE on Facebook yesterday. Like, seriously. I woke up energetic. I had my coffee. I talked my husbands ears off during the ride out to the country. Taking a new window out to the house to replace this week (or next) was one thing on our agenda for the day. If you are new around … Read More Real Talk: You Know “Those Days”, I Have Them Too.


Allow Yourself To Be Who You Are

Do you even know who you are anymore? Have you found yourself asking yourself “who am I? One of the reasons we get here is due to the fact that we had started to suppress who we truly are along this path in life to fit into some box the world, our family, our friends, tried to put us in. Life happens to all … Read More Allow Yourself To Be Who You Are

Vlog: (1st One!!) Going Through The Valley


The Other 364 Days Matter Too

Happy Valentine’s day! I wish you a day filled with love and happiness. Not just for today, but truly, every single day of your life! You know for some people and maybe this was you at some point, we live a life of expectations. Many times we don’t even realize that’s what it is. We have this idea on how we think life should … Read More The Other 364 Days Matter Too


Who Are You?

I recently had a phone conversation with a good friend from middle school . She was telling me to pray for another old school friend that was facing some challenging times and has been left feeling broken and really low. As we continued to talk, I said something and she responded “I don’t even know who I am”. Those words struck my heart because … Read More Who Are You?