Charleston has a huge market for small businesses and is a great spot to host networking events. I was contacted by The Housewives of Charleston to be the photographer at their first event. The name is totally not what you are thinking. Its not the Orange County, Beverly Hills, New York or Atlanta kind of thing at all. Its a girls night out for women to come together to network with small businesses and have a nice time. You actually dont even have to be a wife either!

What better place to host an event, than Charleston? It was actually during the same weekend as Charleston Fashion week, right across the street. So you can imagine how many people were actually in Charleston this weekend. Parking garages were full near by and I flew into an open space and thought I scored BIG TIME, until I got out of my car to walk to the event location. All the parking meters were covered with police bags that said NO PARKING during event. I eventually came back to move my car 3 blocks over and got in some good walking on a HOT day!

The event was held at the downtown Charleston rooftop of The Carolina Ale House. There was a huge tent that covered the entire area so, it was definitely rain or shine. We had a nice turn out and I got to meet some really amazing women!

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If you get a chance, like the Housewives In The City Charleston, facebook page to keep up with all of their local events. Or Search the main website here for a meet up in your area. They exist all over. You can even start your own if there isn’t one in your area.

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