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Vlog: Be Who You Needed When You Were A Kid

Our sweet little ones need us all the time. We needed someone to help guide us through certain things when we were a kid, so who did we need when we were a kid? Be that person for someone else.


My Journey In The Garden

I really can never get used to how fast the seasons come and go! Summer is fading away and I am going to miss all the beautiful blooms I have enjoyed since spring. I have ALWAYS loved flowers. I have always envisioned living in a cottage surrounded by flowers. Just large luscious blooms close by as soon as you open the door! Well I … Read More My Journey In The Garden


Seasons Of Uncertainty

Are you a planner or like to have control over what happens in your life or would just kind of like to KNOW what you should be doing in certain situations? Sometimes, we don’t even come off normally as one that likes to be in control, but when stuff gets rough or a HUGE change is coming, the feelings of wanting to be in … Read More Seasons Of Uncertainty


Once In A Decade Snow Days

  We have gotten lots of warm weather lately, but I have been secretly wanting at least one more snow day! Just a few more days of winter, ya know? A snow day where it comes down good for one day and melts, saaayyy two days later. I better be careful about what I wish for! I know that is being a little selfish … Read More Once In A Decade Snow Days


Your Path In Life

Do you believe that the path you take will help shape you? Life is full of paths. Some take us in the wrong direction, some take us halfway, some make us scratch our head, but I believe which ever path we have ever ended up on was exactly where we needed to be at a given time. We learn and grow on different paths, … Read More Your Path In Life