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Vlog: Be Who You Needed When You Were A Kid

Our sweet little ones need us all the time. We needed someone to help guide us through certain things when we were a kid, so who did we need when we were a kid? Be that person for someone else.


Summer’s Got Me

I have been a little quiet around here….. S.U.M.M.E.R. Summer has me all off my game. Its hard to juggle what the right thing to focus on sometimes. I love to capture memories of course, but I also want to savor them. My daughter is just growing more and more each day. And I will never get those moments back. I find myself just … Read More Summer’s Got Me


Tomorrow, I will hide!

I have been trying to look my best. To try and get up at 5 every morning. To try and get stuff done. My goodness, the past week has been rough! The painting in the photo behind me is from a late night session I did to crank out some creativity. (See it here) This mama has been sick. The past 3 weeks have been one thing … Read More Tomorrow, I will hide!


Soccer Game Fun

This past weekend I ran around trying to get in three soccer games. One for my daughter, one for my nephew and one for my niece. Unfortunately, I only managed two. They were at different locations and after about 12:30 this girl had a migraine! I am one of those cheering moms/aunts. Its funny if I gave myself the headache…But honestly, that wasn’t the … Read More Soccer Game Fun


Little boys are the cutest

I think its kind of cute that I get to photograph the cutest little boys! I don’t have any boys of my own of course. I have one daughter that is full of sass and attitude – I wonder where she gets that from…. I won’t mention anything there! But really, I get to hold them and play with them, these adorable little boys … Read More Little boys are the cutest