I have been a little busy bee the past few weeks! With life in general and taking some great photos of some pretty amazing people! Thor, our doggy – I introduced him on Instagram, but I don’t believe I did here – has kept us busy. As a matter of fact, today is Thursday and its supposed to be Thor Thursday on Instagram, so why not here too? Only thing is Thor is not here. He hasn’t been here since yesterday morning. He had to have his last two injections for heart worms since he was heart worm positive when we rescued him in December. We are patiently waiting for the time that we can go pick him up. I will share that photo on my IG when we get him so Thor Thursday can continue!

Back to the purpose of this post…..I met a wonderful chick on a group on facebook and we became friends. She asked if I could photograph her and her boys and I was ecstatic to do so! I can normally photograph children pretty well, but I have never had the opportunity to photograph children that got out of their comfort zone pretty quickly and was comfortable with me – granted I just started photography not too long ago!

These little guys were just so handsome and full of energy! Thank goodness, my years of being a pre-school teacher really came in hand! And besides I love children and making them feel comfortable with me. I had a blast photographing this family. These busy boys kept me on my toes and I loved it! One of the reasons I love me doing photography is that I love being outside and up and moving. Not to mention my love for photography itself!!

I wanted to give you a little peak into their session


What have you done fun on this beautiful day?

Much Love,

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