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Client Headshots: Nakia

I absolutely LOVE photographing women to empower them and help them see what I see. The beauty that is within them that shines on the outside as well. As moms we go through so much and battle thoughts daily and sometimes we just don’t view ourselves as others view us. I have really taken a lot of this year to dig into my inner … Read More Client Headshots: Nakia


Sneak Peek – Two cuties and their beautiful mommy

I have been a little busy bee the past few weeks! With life in general and taking some great photos of some pretty amazing people! Thor, our doggy – I introduced him on Instagram, but I don’t believe I did here – has kept us busy. As a matter of fact, today is Thursday and its supposed to be Thor Thursday on Instagram, so … Read More Sneak Peek – Two cuties and their beautiful mommy