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Little boys are the cutest

I think its kind of cute that I get to photograph the cutest little boys! I don’t have any boys of my own of course. I have one daughter that is full of sass and attitude – I wonder where she gets that from…. I won’t mention anything there! But really, I get to hold them and play with them, these adorable little boys … Read More Little boys are the cutest


Sneak Peek – Two cuties and their beautiful mommy

I have been a little busy bee the past few weeks! With life in general and taking some great photos of some pretty amazing people! Thor, our doggy – I introduced him on Instagram, but I don’t believe I did here – has kept us busy. As a matter of fact, today is Thursday and its supposed to be Thor Thursday on Instagram, so … Read More Sneak Peek – Two cuties and their beautiful mommy


Udy Photo Session

I must call myself lucky to have wonderful friends that want to be photographed and allow me to put my skills to great use. I have realized since digging deeper into photography, I just love being outside photographing people. I guess I am a people person after all. Many years ago, I would hide within myself and shy back. I was literally limiting myself … Read More Udy Photo Session