Can I tell you, the past few days have been a bit weird. Well actually the past week as well! I wanted to get out and take photos and be creative with some other things, but I became sick. Not the normal fever, coughing, runny nose kind of sick, but just weird kind of sick. I literally did not feel well, and had to miss my running group that I mentor twice a week. My throat hurt, but it wasn’t a sore throat. My inner ear hurt, but it wasn’t an ear infection. I was tired and just icky. I thought something full blown was going to surface itself, but it never did. I just took some rest time to try to recover and recoup. Yesterday, I poured coffee creamer in my daughter’s cereal at breakfast. And I asked the lady in the office at her school if the date was March 1st or 2nd – Clearly it was February 24th!!

I even had to miss my paint day last week. I am not sure if I ever shared, but a little while back I decided to start painting to sell. If you follow me here, instagram or on facebook, you will remember me sharing a painting I did for myself here I started painting on smaller canvas wraps floral designs with inspirational quotes. So I decided to utilize Wednesdays as paint days, where I take a good chunk out of every Wednesday to paint. It didn’t happen last week, but it did yesterday.


It was really fun to dig back in to painting. My focus was completely off and I didn’t finish them. As I was checking email yesterday, the doorbell rang and there was a UPS guy standing there with a box. Um… Okay. Hubby ordered us new phones! My dream phone at that! Well, wouldn’t you be excited too to get your dream phone? My other little Samsung Galaxy S3 had had it. It was time for something better. He ordered me a gold note 5. I am so excited about that new camera!!!

Anyhow, back on topic here, the painting. I have had a lot of interest in them and I am looking forward to where I will go from here. Baby steps and learning as I go. But being creative, keeps my heart happy and helps me stay grounded.



I am excited to get them finished up! I would love to hear how you let your creativity flow!

Much Love
~ Crystal ~

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