We have gotten lots of warm weather lately, but I have been secretly wanting at least one more snow day! Just a few more days of winter, ya know? A snow day where it comes down good for one day and melts, saaayyy two days later. I better be careful about what I wish for!

I know that is being a little selfish since there are so many people who don’t do well in the cold because if their living situations and I am truly grateful that we truly did not take any of it for granted and got to enjoy it, rather than it be a hindrance.

Living in the south hardly ever brings any snow and when we do get it, almost a whole decade has passed! We totally forget what a snow day feels like. I think I owned one long sleeved shirt and those days were pretty cold. My hands would freeze. They are usually torture worthy, vampire feeling on a normal basis, but those cold days made them feel like my hands were a super mini freezer!

During the snow days we had in January, I took quite a bit of photos. I wanted to take in all the beauty of those beautiful days and be able to store those memories in another place besided my head and vision. We had so much fun and sadly I didn’t think to tell my husband to take any photos of me the day it was coming down, but we did manage a few as it was melting in the park.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we have!

DSC07222-4DSC07223-5DSC07238-20DSC07241-22DSC07250-29DSC07232-15DSC07254-33DSC07257-35DSC07243-24DSC07264-42DSC07272-49DSC07267-45DSC07281-53DSC07242-23DSC07266-44DSC07247-26 - CopyDSC07277-50DSC07295-60DSC07439-1DSC07433-150DSC07432-149DSC07512-163DSC07502-4DSC07334-73DSC07322-69DSC07336-75DSC07567-10DSC07545-106DSC07271-48DSC07345-81DSC07429-148DSC07338-76











If you are still getting snow days, make sure you enjoy them. They can be a bit much with all the ice, but the beauty of it all is something to admire and realize God pursues us in so many ways. He speaks and tells us we are special enough that he wanted to show off with something really beautiful for our pleasure. Our days are numbered, and its up to us to truly enjoy each day, no matter what comes our way.

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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