Happy Valentine’s day! I wish you a day filled with love and happiness. Not just for today, but truly, every single day of your life!


You know for some people, and maybe this was you at some point, we find ourselves living out a life of expectations. Many times we don’t even realize that’s what it is. We have this idea on how we think life should be from what the world shows us through movies, perfect social media posts, and the illusion of a perfect life. We tend to forget what truly matters.

We can find ourselves in this deep pit of comparison, if we are not careful and realize what’s really true.

It’s so easy to spend Valentine’s day wishing and having expectations that no one can truly live up to. We have to remember, that it’s not about all the stuff, and having a boyfriend, or a spouse that racks up the credit card to get you what you want. It’s about being loved and quite honestly, GIVING love.

I used to be one of those people that had all these expectations on what life was supposed to be like and did not realize that was unhealthy for me and my husband! I thought it was a way of life that the guy should do certain things. Its what I could see with my natural eye and working in retail for quite some years, you see the last minute run around.

The truth is that if we are here at this place, there is usually a void in our life and we are trying to fill it any way we can.

listen, I married a guy that is not the crazy romantic type and heck neither am I, So what in the world was I conjuring up?

A disaster, that’s what! There was a void in my life and I thought that I needed things like everyone else, instead of appreciating what was in front of me and not making things about me.

Don’t get me wrong, we both love special days, and special tokens. We do something special for each other on Valentine’s day, but it was the “he got me this and I thought I deserved that” kind of attitude.

The truth is, if I wanted something, I could go buy it myself. We don’t need to wait for v-day to follow tradition if its that important to us. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own happiness.

The man I married is an amazing man that does so much those other 364 days, that Valentine’s day looks like a joke. Listen, we can’t sum up our entire year and life based on what happens or doesn’t happen on one particular day!

I had to be transformed 100% to become closer to the person God created me to be. To get rid of my little “worldly” mindset and step over to the other version of myself that was waiting. Full of wisdom, truth and light. I had to realize what I was truly missing.

That was a relationship with Jesus. The worldly and materialistic things don’t matter. My relationship with Him does. He was the only one that could help me put aside comparison, trash the expectations I place on people, and love me into a new mindset.

One of the keys here is this, don’t become jaded and start comparing your life to the social media highlight reel, but realize that you have Jesus and He wants to show you what you are truly missing. When we can be transformed that is one of the best gifts.  And truthfully, some the hardest times in life to go through is when you are transitioning from one version of yourself into another.

Everything is okay. We were created to be great. But we were NOT created to dwell on one day and spiral into a hole because we feel as though we deserved more based on a worldly tradition. May we shift our minds into higher thinking and allow the Most High to lavish his love on us.

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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