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Do you know how to receive the father’s love?

Receiving the Father’s love seems pretty simple right? but so many of us walk around without having fully understanding what that looks like. If you are anything like me, you may have known how to build a wall quicker than realizing what’s been missing in your life. Or maybe you are engaging in things trying to fill this void.


You Were Created To Be In Community

Why is it so hard to make friends as adults? Have you asked yourself that question before? Maybe even recently… You want friends but you are quite comfortable hanging out with yourself, at the same time. Girlfriend I get it. I have called myself an introvert and so many times people will look at me and say, “um, no you are not!” But that … Read More You Were Created To Be In Community


Do You Know What’s Inside You?

When I was younger, I had no idea that the term “gifts” was a thing for something that we had been given. Something that could be developed and would turn into something beautiful. Something, if we were brave and courageous enough to say yes to, receive and cultivate, would bring God glory and advance his kingdom. I had no idea that the things we … Read More Do You Know What’s Inside You?


You Are Not A Follower

When our daughter was smaller, pretty much ever since she stepped out into the world and entered kindergarten, I would tell her so often as she got out the car, “You are not a follower, you are leader. It doesn’t matter what other kids around you are doing do not engage in things that are wrong. You may feel left out and even pressured … Read More You Are Not A Follower

Vlog: Podcast Interview with Jenny Bonilla

“Podcast”, you might be asking yourself. Like how is she on Episode 07 when this is my first time “reading” about a podcast? Well I completely forgot to blog about starting a podcast. Right after it launched the 1st week in July, I was heading out to Washington state to help a friend (we have been friends since kindergarten. Then I came back, caught … Read More Vlog: Podcast Interview with Jenny Bonilla