I love deep stories and the journey to overcoming struggles. I believe so many women need to hear these stories, so they too can dig deeper, see Jesus in us and have courage of their own to do the hard thing. I hope that they even come to a place where they have courage to share their own story one day. RAW is a growing tribe for women to have a safe place. A tribe of like minded women that are there to support each other, be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to. A tribe of women that start to realize the truth about who she is in Christ so she can step into the life she was created to live!

RAW Woman was born and it’s a new blog series that will highlight one REAL AMAZING WOMAN (RAW) each month. I am excited to share our very first guest: Candace Pringle.

I interviewed Candace and I hope you find some hope, motivation and courage in her responses!


Candace, did you grow up in South Carolina? If so, what part? 
Yes, I did. I was born in N. Charleston, SC and raised in Ridgeville (better known as Pringletown), SC. 
Do you have any children?
Yes. I have one biological daughter 7 and one 14 year old from my relationship. 
What’s one of the hardest things for you as a mom?
Balancing, feeling guilt from all of my obligations and wondering if I ever spend enough time. Wishing there was a way to homeschool, make money, and be available for every second of their lives. It’s basically balancing preparing for their future so they never have to do as much preparations for great living as we had to for them. I’ll never say so they don’t have to go as hard, because I want them to be driven in all areas to achieve all their goals just like us. 


I know you have your own business. What is the name of your business?
South Carolina Buy Black Locally (SCBBL)

What is your business mission/vision?
We connect the dots! Our directory was created to give black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and the entire community a place to shine and reach each other. There is so much money that passes through our community into others because we either are unaware of the awesome services that exists around us or when we search for it we don’t succeed. SCBBL is working hard to close the gap!


Care to elaborate on anything you have going on right now in the local community? 
Please watch our new show, The SCBBL Show, which is where we go into black-owned businesses or meet with business owners. This allows the community to learn more about them and possibly inside of their establishments, which hopefully intrigues them to go pay a visit and exchange in business.
Are you able to do this full time? If not, what do you do full time?
Not yet. I’m currently employed full-time by Google, Inc. Data center in Moncks Corner, SC. 


How do you find the time to keep up with your dream and your regular job?
Honestly, I do not know! LOL! Only God can give me the strength I have to make things happen. At the end of the day, I know that I’m working in my purpose. I absolutely love what I do, so it never seems like work. More like a hobby. 
Did starting your own business require some mind shifting?
Yes, definitely. 


Elaborate on that process and journey.
It all started after the Charleston Emanuel Nine killing. This is when I began to realize that there is nothing that we deem sacred as African American peoples that’s untouched! When we’re targeted even in the church, that’s major! So, I began to dig deeper, as I started to feel like there is more about life and about our culture that makes us seem to be targeted. Through my research, I woke up! The reason we’re an easy targeted is because we’re so far divided. There are so many things that separates us and keeps us from supporting each other no matter what. If it’s not tradition, it’s religion, or personal preferences that we apply to everyone else. We don’t love each other genuinely and allow each other to just be. We have to rationalize why we should support our own, all the while pouring out our everything everywhere else. I started attending African Conscious/Professional Vending events, like awareness conferences, festivals or lectures –  where I started running into all types of businesses. I collected so many business cards, that I got tired of trying to find the information on how to do business with these people. So, I said let me just Google what I remember about that individual or business and more times than not I came up short. I then said, now I see why we don’t get the amount of traffic as the quality of many of our businesses deserve. I created a facebook post for people to list a black-owned business. I turned that into a simple Wix page site. I wanted more, so I hired Forward House to create the website I envisioned and we began to grow. I now use The Ladson Group, and work closely with the lovely Sineice Ladson, who has helped me to turn my marketing and public relation efforts around tremendously! All of their efforts have truly enhanced the #SCBBL movement to get the attention of the masses. We’re only growing upward from here!


Do you ever struggle with thoughts that try to hold you down?
Yes. There are similar programs around. Often times we compare ourselves to those organizations. 
How do you rise above them?
We have to then remind ourselves that we were created a masterpiece by the Almighty. The gifts and ideas you were blessed with aren’t like any other. I push pass my doubts and I’m never disappointed by the feedback I receive from everyone.


What has been one of the biggest obstacles you have had to overcome to get to where you are now?
Get over people and their opinions!
What motivates you to keep pressing forward when life becomes challenging and hard?
The future of my legacy and the generations to follow to be even better than mine.


Do you feel that a positive mindset plays a huge role in your everyday life?
Yes, it is a must! Negativity only opens a door for fear and doubt.


Have you always had a positive outlook on life or did you have to be transformed to get there?
I’ve always been an optimist. Those closest to me will tell you that I always look to pull the positive side out of any situation. 


Was there ever a time where you thought you couldn’t follow your dreams? No, I always knew I could follow my dreams, but that it wouldn’t be easy. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so of course they believe anything is possible so just do it! 


What advice would your give to the woman that feels stuck, broken, and not enough?
You are powerful! You were the first to be created and to create, therefore you need to trust your intuition. God gave it to you for a reason. There is no one on earth with your fingerprints, that alone should tell you that no one else can create what God gave you! You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Let the world know what you’re made of through fulfilling your God-given purpose.  


Where can other RAW Women find and follow you?
Visit my website to find and support local black businesses at www.scbbl.co. From there you’ll find the links at the bottom to all of my social media platforms. You can also email us at support@scbbl.co


Candace, thank you so much for your contribution to our first RAW Woman Series!

Be sure to tune in next month for the next one!

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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