Charleston. Charleston is “Home”. You know, all those cities and towns that are within 20 to 40 minutes away are still labeled as Charleston or the Lowcountry. When someone asks many of us Lowcountry people where we are from, many respond, “the Charleston area” or some just straight say “Charleston”, even though they may live in Summerville.

Charleston, SC is a beautiful place. After all, it is number ONE in the top cities to visit in the United States. We don’t live in the city itself, but about 35 minutes or so away. So we try to head there when we get some free time, but don’t manage to do so as often as we would like. Its an old city with so much charm and character.

I love looking at the aging streets. The old trees that create shade over an entire street, makes my mind wander to think about what these trees have seen and been through. I think its so amazing that they get to outlive me and have gotten to see so much that I never will see in my life time. The buildings and house that have been around forever. Not to mention the Churches that are gorgeous!

This particular day we came through the back way, through Mt. Pleasant and across the Author Ravenel Bridge. This bridge is the home of the Cooper Bridge Run and I have ran it a total of 4 times. A LOT of people come for this well organized race. Over 40,000 to be exact, not mention all the volunteers, sponsors, vendors, race committee, etc.

After coming through, we got out and walked around is some scorching, make you want to eat a 1,000 italian ices, hot weather. Here is some of Charleston through my eyes.


I hope that you enjoyed them!

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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