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Charleston Through My Eyes: Two

I posted part oneĀ of Charleston through my eyes a bit ago and I wanted to focus this post more on the details of the streets and some of the roads along with a bit of what makes it charming. I used to stay on these brick paved roads and streets in my younger days. Laughing, walking and making so many memories. My friends and … Read More Charleston Through My Eyes: Two


Charleston Through My Eyes: One

Charleston. Charleston is “Home”. You know, all those cities and towns that are within 20 to 40 minutes away are still labeled as Charleston or the Lowcountry. When someone asks many of us Lowcountry people where we are from, many respond, “the Charleston area” or some just straight say “Charleston”, even though they may live in Summerville. Charleston, SC is a beautiful place. After … Read More Charleston Through My Eyes: One