Do you believe that the path you take will help shape you? Life is full of paths. Some take us in the wrong direction, some take us halfway, some make us scratch our head, but I believe which ever path we have ever ended up on was exactly where we needed to be at a given time.

We learn and grow on different paths, but our path can help us grow, only if we allow it. One part that can be hard is that we come across many people along our path. Some that were supposed to be in our lives for a season and some for a life time. But for some reason we try to hold on to those season friends because of our heart to want to see the good in everyone. And then Sometimes, God answers prayers and sends you a complete stranger and you start to piece the puzzle together.

That’s where I am today. Just in awe. The path can be a little scary, but we have to trust God for all that he has planned for us! As I mentioned in a previous post, things in my life have been changing and I am trying my best to embrace all the new changes and continue to grow as a person, entrepreneur, friend, spouse, and mom. Trust your path. It can lead you somewhere that takes your breath away. Somewhere beautiful 💕


Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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