I posted part one of Charleston through my eyes a bit ago and I wanted to focus this post more on the details of the streets and some of the roads along with a bit of what makes it charming.

I used to stay on these brick paved roads and streets in my younger days. Laughing, walking and making so many memories. My friends and I used to go dancing at a few places down there for a workout and our heels clunking against the brick, just keeps those memories in my heart. Not to mention all the good foods we would enjoy and still do.

This city has seen so much and has gone through a lot with wars, flooding, but it still stands as beautiful as ever. I will never grow tired of photographing it in new light. There is always something I miss that I will catch the next time. Charleston is truly just a beautiful city

I stole a few moments of my husband and daughter, but I hope you enjoy them!


Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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