I absolutely LOVE photographing women to empower them and help them see what I see. The beauty that is within them that shines on the outside as well. As moms we go through so much and battle thoughts daily and sometimes we just don’t view ourselves as others view us. I have really taken a lot of this year to dig into my inner self with photography, but lets take a trip down memory lane. I never shared all the photos from this shoot.

When Nakia contacted me last summer for her head shots, I was really excited to work wit her! We have known each other for quite some time and we met at a local gym attending the same Zumba workout class! We really used to set that room on fire!! Time had passed and she has her own scenty business and is a direct sales leader. She also just launched a new youtube channel. She is also an amazing educator in our local schools.

Along with all that, Nakia is a new mommy to a sweet little boy, so she really has her hands full this summer! I hope that she will always remember how beautiful she is and that no matter how tough the journey gets, she truly makes a difference in this world.



I hope you enjoy your day!

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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