I have been a little quiet around here…..


Summer has me all off my game. Its hard to juggle what the right thing to focus on sometimes. I love to capture memories of course, but I also want to savor them. My daughter is just growing more and more each day. And I will never get those moments back. I find myself just taking in her small hands that are the perfect size between little girl and preteen. Although she wont be a teen for a while, she is taller than some 5th graders for someone that is only going to the 3rd grade.

I notice her eyelashes and baby teeth that are still not ready to come out yet. The way she scoots so close to me that she is literally sitting under me when we watch tv together at night. How we play The Floor Is Lava through the streets of a new city. PRICELESS. These times are the times I want to remember and soak up. I wanted to be focused on what truly matters during this season.

I have also been spending time with my small niece and nephew. I want to remember their small stages as well. The way they laugh at their Aunt doing a big canon ball into the pool. The way my nephews curls form so perfectly. The way my niece rides my back in the pool saying “giddy up horsey”.

We have been going through a summer bucket list to have more of an epic summer filled with fun. Life can be really short and I wanted to make sure I stopped chasing perfect and just chase a fun life. I hope you will take some time out to do that as well this summer and forever.


Make sure you take a few photos to savor those memories too.

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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