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Client Headshots: Nakia

I absolutely LOVE photographing women to empower them and help them see what I see. The beauty that is within them that shines on the outside as well. As moms we go through so much and battle thoughts daily and sometimes we just don’t view ourselves as others view us. I have really taken a lot of this year to dig into my inner … Read More Client Headshots: Nakia


Sweet Miss Pearl

This blogging thing, I tell ya! I love to write, but I need to get this distraction and busy thing in order for real so that I can hop on and write a lot more! School is out for the summer and it has been a small adjustment. With the summer comes lazy mornings with my daughter because staying up late and moving furniture … Read More Sweet Miss Pearl


Daddy Daughter Dance

A few weeks ago, my daughter had a dance at her school that happens once a year. This was the Daddy/Daughter dance. We missed it last year with it being a new school and I didn’t quite have all the right chains of communication in order. Last year they mentioned it during a recorded phone call. I get so many of those calls per … Read More Daddy Daughter Dance