Over the weekend, I posted my heart on my personal facebook page and I want to post here as well. I am an open book and I like to share what is on my heart.

I shared some news earlier this year, but never really followed up to truly put it out there. When I used to post to a fitness page of mine often, I had so many people reach out to me seeking encouragement. Someone to share stuff with. I would always hear the silent cries inside, the “I can’t” mindset, the struggle of wanting to do better, the tearing down of oneself. I could feel what they were feeling and it would literally hurt me because I could relate all so well. I have walked in their shoes before. I knew what it was like. I would get overwhelmed because I knew what God called me to, but couldn’t actually see a way to make it happen. God has changed me so much and worked on me so much, I believe am ready to step out.

So many times we start something in hopes that its where our path will lead us and many times we have to back off realizing that things will change and we will keep evolving. Sometimes we realize a path we may have taken wasn’t the path we should have taken at all. It doesn’t make us any less of a person. It just makes us human. There will be more of me stepping into what God has called me to do, on the level of using my gift of encouragement to pour into the lives of others. With that being said, with courage and strength that is not my own, there is a new tab on my website!!

I introduce to you RAW – Real Amazing Women. And that is not just for my website, its where I will write some there or share, whatever the day may bring. It’s the full Crystal Keefer. It may branch off to more of its own, but for right now, this feels right.

And as much as it scares me to step out, I know that it is crucial for women to have a place where they are truly welcomed and are able to be RAW about what is going on in their lives in order to breathe better, for weight to be lifted as they share what holds them down, with a tribe that helps her through the difficult times, the good times, and the ugly times. I am not perfect and I do not have it all together, I am actually far from it.

My word for this year has been RELEASE and this is me releasing control over my life and giving God the reigns. For Him to do work in me and through me for His glory.

This has been something that God has put on my heart over a year ago. When I wrote and posted to that other page, Running Around With Krissy (actually has the initials of RAW, krissy is my nickname), I felt a strong sense of God saying that I am supposed to bring people into our home. I had no idea how and I thought it was to be about workout stuff that I loved so much as a way to help others and get back into it myself. 1 year ago, I stepped forward in church, very nervous to pray with another over what God has placed in my heart. Over the course of last year, it was revealed to me one morning while watching Joyce Meyer on TV.

Even though that was last year, I believe I still had to grow some. I had my third speaking engagement ever, earlier this year, in January. And during that speech I gave a little clue away. It has taken some prayer, courage, and just believing that it doesn’t have to be perfect to start. My mentor encouraged me to just do it. If He has told me to do it, then he will help me through it. I just have to do it.

Is there something that you know you have been called to or is something stirring up on the inside of you? Let me assure you, you are not alone. God has a great plan for you and each of us. More than we could ever imagine! Feel free to share with us if you are up to it.

Much Love,

Crystal Keefer

2 Comments on “Stepping Out In My Calling

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