This past weekend I ran around trying to get in three soccer games. One for my daughter, one for my nephew and one for my niece. Unfortunately, I only managed two. They were at different locations and after about 12:30 this girl had a migraine! I am one of those cheering moms/aunts. Its funny if I gave myself the headache…But honestly, that wasn’t the case. It was probably a mix of not getting enough sleep, not enough water and not wearing my sunglasses. I had to make us lunch and take a nap to get rid of the craziness.

So I got a new lens recently and I have been using it here and there, but I decided to use it for this particular game since we only have a few games left. I have been stepping in to help coach the children at previous games and this time I kind of sat back to take some photos. I have also been changing my style just a bit. I love the look of film and I am working of perfecting the look that I love.

This was a great game! The children have been working very hard and you could see it. This age is just so fun to watch play soccer and see them grow. I love seeing their faces light up when they finally “get” something that they have been working on. It just brings joy to my heart!

Here are a few from the game:Constance Soccer-4Constance Soccer-5Constance Soccer-6Constance Soccer-7Constance Soccer-11Constance Soccer-15Constance Soccer-19Constance Soccer-24Constance Soccer-27Constance Soccer-30

Hope your day is amazing

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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