A few weeks ago, my daughter had a dance at her school that happens once a year. This was the Daddy/Daughter dance. We missed it last year with it being a new school and I didn’t quite have all the right chains of communication in order. Last year they mentioned it during a recorded phone call. I get so many of those calls per week, that I didn’t think they would just use that as their only source of communicating a special event. We found out about it through Facebook the day of the dance with friends that were getting their children ready and was broken because I knew that she and Tommy would have loved to have gone and had a good time. Tommy was at work that particular day working a 24 hour shift and my dad was too far out to make it to my house with such short notice.

This year the school sent out a letter and I put it on the fridge as soon as I saw it with the date logged on the calendar! Constance is such a great student and I was so excited that she got to participate this year. Tommy had to take the day off work due to the dance falling on his shift day. Constance and I went shopping for the perfect dress and made it a special day.

They had such a good time and it was so nice to see them get dressed up to go out with momma! The dance fell on Thursday, a school night and we were pressed for time getting things in order that day that I didn’t have time to do the planned shoot I had in mind at the lake in our neighborhood, but we improvised.

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