From the heart series

I am very happy that I chose to tie in this From The Heart Series because I absolutely love writing from my heart! Aside from photography, in our everyday life, we are required to make decisions. Decisions about what to wear, what we will eat, what our workout will be, to reach out to a friend, to help someone in need and so much more. Many of those decisions can be easy, but some can be extremely hard. They can hurt. They can make your heart ache. They can make you cry. Sometimes its hard because you may have to let go of something. Its hard especially when its something that you have ties to from the past and it can very well effect your future.

I know that many of us have to face this at one point in our lives or another. I had to make one of those hard decisions this past weekend. I had to pray for God to help make it easier and to truly open my eyes. I wanted to hold on because I have memories, some good and some a bit bumpy. I believe that there is a force that tries to distract us from going forward with what God has for us and many times it works through other people to try to bring one down. And it has been known to succeed. People’s dreams become crushed. Their spirits become crushed. People become stuck and they can start to question everything. All because of w.o.r.d.s. Those words that fly out so freely off someone’s tongue. Those words have tremendous power – destructive or creative power. The power to build some one up and lift them up or the power to try to destroy someone’s spirit.

We must be careful with words. Yes, sometimes we act on feelings, and our words get the best of us. But we if could take ourselves out of the equation, we would be able to see a bit clearer, only if one chooses to. One key to overcoming is knowing who you are in Christ. Knowing who you are in Him beats any “weapon” that is thrown at us and we are able to recover with Him, even if that means we must go through a little bit of hurt. Yes, it does make us feel less that what we were created for, but what doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger and the joy of the lord is our strength. If you have ever been the target for someone’s harmful words, please know that you are more than what someone calls you. You are someone that was uniquely made and there is not a single person in this world that was created just like you. You have so much to offer this world and just because one person doesn’t support you, believe in you, or see your heart, it does not mean you are worthless. You were created to be victorious, created with a purpose, and you are an over comer!

I believe God will allow us to truly see who someone is and their true intentions if we pay close attention, even though it may hurt to get us to a place that he has for us to go. And even if you must make a decision to cut ties, realize that does not mean you are being rude or mean. It just means, some things must be cleared out of your life in order for you to keep going forward, your future depends on it. Not everyone is meant to go with you where you are going. Pray and ask for guidance as its most likely never easy.

Choose to smile and have a wonderful Monday!

Much Love,
~ Crystal Keefer ~

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