I think its kind of cute that I get to photograph the cutest little boys! I don’t have any boys of my own of course. I have one daughter that is full of sass and attitude – I wonder where she gets that from…. I won’t mention anything there! But really, I get to hold them and play with them, these adorable little boys and help them to be comfortable with me. When a friend hired me to photograph her two boys, I got really excited! All those years of being a pre-school teacher has paid off, but even without that, I do love children and their unique personalities.

When we set out for our session this day, the day was supposed to be rainy so we really had to keep an eye on the weather. We really lucked out! It was sunny and hot! Not that long after we left, we had to stop by the grocery store, it poured down! It was nice to catch a few azaleas that have been blooming to get ready for spring.Art Print Photos-9Art Print Photos-5Art Print Photos-8Art Print Photos-16Art Print Photos-17

One would think that it was officially spring in these photographs, but yesterday was the official day of spring and the temperature dropped like it is winter! That’s the south for ya!

Much Love,
~ Crystal Keefer ~

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