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Bloom Where You Are Planted

If one hasn’t realized by now that I love flowers and anything floral, I don’t know what to tell them! My gosh I love flower gardens, and photography, of course goes well with it! We went out to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens a few weeks ago before we got hit with what we hope is the last really cold front and I was able … Read More Bloom Where You Are Planted


Little boys are the cutest

I think its kind of cute that I get to photograph the cutest little boys! I don’t have any boys of my own of course. I have one daughter that is full of sass and attitude – I wonder where she gets that from…. I won’t mention anything there! But really, I get to hold them and play with them, these adorable little boys … Read More Little boys are the cutest


Meet the newest soccer mom

This past weekend has been a busy one! I had a few photo shoots on Sunday, a house full of children on Saturday and Friday, my daughter, Constance, had her first soccer practice of the spring season. So you can now consider me the newest soccer mom in town! I love every moment of watching her play and watching her grow as she learns … Read More Meet the newest soccer mom