Do you even know who you are anymore?

Have you found yourself asking yourself “who am I? One of the reasons we get here is due to the fact that we had started to suppress who we truly are along this path in life to fit into some box the world, our family, our friends, tried to put us in.

Life happens to all of us and as we go through life we tend to mold ourselves into what the world and people around us expect us to be.

We loose track of who we truly are. There is so much to all of us and and each of us has something unique to bring to this world. But before that can happen, we must allow ourselves to be who we are!

If we have a crazy past, share it. If we survived a traumatizing accident, share it. If you are ridiculously funny and love making people laugh, share that. If you loved writing, but no one thinks you should write, write and be yourself!!

You get what I am saying here! For a while in my adulthood, I was afraid to let it all out. Sometimes I felt I was too much for myself! So I was definitely going to be too much for many people. But that didnt matter. It wasn’t up for people to decide if I was too much and for me to shrink back.

I had to realize that I was not going to be everyone’s cup of of tea and that was okay!

We have been created to be us.

You have been given a unique personality, that is all you. Maybe you are extremely organized, an artist, and have grown into speaking – not another single soul will be able to give your message like you or do things like you.

You have space in this kingdom. Space to be you. You have certain gifts and talents that go with that personality of yours. Only you can “bring it” like you.

You are more courageous than you have given yourself credit for. You are more than brave enough to step out to being all of you!

I have faced some life changing challenges, I have seen a lot, and I have found out even more about who I am over the last few years, but I was afraid to let it all out and completely be myself.


Start deciding today, to allow yourself to be who YOU are ❤

Much Love,


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