The words we say and the way we think has power over our lives. It determines our happiness level. I we are thinking and speaking words like, “something bad always happens to me”, “that’s just my luck”, “I’m never good at anything”, “my life sucks”, “I’m not good enough”, “I am weak”, “I never go anywhere”, I could really go on and on.

But those thoughts only create more negative thoughts.

So to unpack that a little bit, you take how you are feeling in that moment of those thoughts and dump more on top, you will feel even worse. It all adds up and keeps you in a cycle of feeling down, feeling defeated, and feeling less than. Feeling depressed and anxious.

Those thoughts are literally lies that we exaggerate a bit to become truths in our lives.

How do we turn those lies around and see the actual truth?

Let’s take the ones I mentioned above and find the truth.

“something bad always happens to me”
That’s not true, because if you woke up alive, healthy, and well, that’s is something good that happened. Acknowledge that and give thanks.

“that’s just my luck”
That may be your luck for a moment but the truth is that’s not your luck all day every day. If you made it through a green light driving and didnt get in a car accident, that was great “luck” and a mighty blessing. Start looking at the good things that happen through out the day. Acknowledge them and give thanks.

“I’m never good at anything”
This lie usually comes in with comparison. When we compare our ability to someone else’s personality and creation, we lose our joy and happiness. The truth is, you are good at something. Whatever you did to get ready for the day, you are good at. Why? Because you practiced it for years. And there is more, the things that YOU love doing are things YOU are good at. I wasnt created to be a scientist, so that’s not one of my strengths. I know that. So if I say I’m not good at being a scientist, that one thing, that does not mean I’m not good at ANYTHING.

“my life sucks”
This too falls into the category of comparison. What is your life supposed to look like? When something small doesn’t go our way or when we try to force things to happen and they don’t happen, we sometimes resort to “my life sucks”. The truth is your life does not suck. You probably are just having a rough day or an uncomfortable season to get you lined up for growth, but we can stunt our growth by choosing to stay in this cycle. There are lots of people that have a lot more going on than so many of us and they are literally smiling through the pain, rejoicing, and living their best life. My mom was one of those people. After an amputation, I never once heard her complain, or become angry. She looked at the equation that was in front of her and asked the question, “what can I do today to work towards my goal of walking again?” And that’s what she did. Every single day with a huge smile on her face.

I will stop there. There is truth behind every lie. There is freedom waiting for you to break free from the “little life” thinking cycle.

Choose good thoughts. Choose true thoughts. Choose happiness. Choose joy.

It’s all a choice and it may take some time to see it as such, but that is the truth and the choice is ours. What kind of life do you want to live?

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