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The Way You Were Designed Originally Is Perfect

Have you ever had a nudging in your spirit that there was something more to life than what you were dealing with at a particular moment? Maybe life was and had been tough for you for quite some time and you found yourself thinking “there has got to be more”. Its like an itch to do something different. We begin to feel an itch … Read More The Way You Were Designed Originally Is Perfect


Happiness in Thoughts.

The words we say and the way we think has power over our lives. It determines our happiness level. I we are thinking and speaking words like, “something bad always happens to me”, “that’s just my luck”, “I’m never good at anything”, “my life sucks”, “I’m not good enough”, “I am weak”, “I never go anywhere”, I could really go on and on. But … Read More Happiness in Thoughts.


You Are Brave. You Are Courageous.

I was the shy kid back in the day. The one that did not say two words half of the time in class. If I got called on, I literally wanted to sink into the floor. I wanted to be invisible so many times. There is two sides of this though. Around the people I knew and trusted, I was silly and could talk … Read More You Are Brave. You Are Courageous.