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A Sacrifice We Make Is Only Temporary

Do you find yourself struggling with obedience and saying yes to God? Would you say it’s a trust and faith issue? For me, I believe it was a trust and faith issue. It was hard putting my trust in Him when I was pretty much living on my own plan for my life. That may can be the case for many of us. We … Read More A Sacrifice We Make Is Only Temporary


Good Friday and Good Truth

Today is Good Friday and I have declared it to be an amazing day. Its supposed to rain and be nasty but even so, it can still be an amazing day. Its all about mindset. But, hey, I was thinking of something. Actually it’s been on my heart for a while and my cousin even wrote a book about it sharing her story. Many … Read More Good Friday and Good Truth


Happiness in Thoughts.

The words we say and the way we think has power over our lives. It determines our happiness level. I we are thinking and speaking words like, “something bad always happens to me”, “that’s just my luck”, “I’m never good at anything”, “my life sucks”, “I’m not good enough”, “I am weak”, “I never go anywhere”, I could really go on and on. But … Read More Happiness in Thoughts.