If one hasn’t realized by now that I love flowers and anything floral, I don’t know what to tell them! My gosh I love flower gardens, and photography, of course goes well with it! We went out to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens a few weeks ago before we got hit with what we hope is the last really cold front and I was able to capture some beautiful moments in nature!

When looking out with your natural eyes at all the flowers surrounding you, you will see a field of flowers or even just flowers as we are known to see them. But if you go to each area of a different flower plant and just focus on what that is, the way it grows, knowing there is a life behind it that has to be cared for, you will start to see the flower. The flower beyond just what is on the surface. I like to envision flowers in a light that sets them apart from just being a big plant. I like to focus on the individual beauty of each area. I like for the flowers to take me in and allow me to become lost within the idea that nothing else matters. Allowing me to refresh my soul, breathe in fresh air and become more free.

Flowers are a lot like life itself. We all start off as small beings. Fragile and needing lots of delicate care and watering (teaching, out pouring love, falling and getting back up again), in order to grow and flourish. And from weathering many storms, we end up being stronger than ever, knowing and understanding that though we may have to go through a rough patch, there is still beauty and there will be a time when we will blossom into all that we were created to be.

If you are going through something, a challenging time, there is a storm clouding all around you, and you just don’t know where the next second, minute or day is going to take you, Just breathe. Be encouraged that there is always hope and so many times we have to go through something to get us stronger for what God truly has planned for us. Fight your way through and don’t allow a defeated mindset to hold you down. You will get tired and exhausted and want to just give up, but don’t you dare! Use your words to speak life and bring in all the positive you can. There is a beautiful life where you are now and even more beautiful at the end of the tunnel.

And if you are going through and need a good dose of encouragement, you can hop over to this blog post I did a while back sharing part of my story which was my mom’s story. It is a little long and may leave tears in your eyes, but it is one that needed to be written to help others see the hand of God and understand that absolutely nothing is impossible!

I hope you can get lost in the photos, believe for greater things and have so much hope that nothing can ever take that away!

Magnolia in springtime-3

Magnolia in springtime-5

Magnolia in springtime-6

Magnolia in springtime-9

Magnolia in springtime-10

Magnolia in springtime-11

Magnolia in springtime-12

Magnolia in springtime-13

Magnolia in springtime-14

Magnolia in springtime-15

Magnolia in springtime-16

Magnolia in springtime-17

Magnolia in springtime-18

Magnolia in springtime-19

Magnolia in springtime-20

Magnolia in springtime-21

Magnolia in springtime-23

Magnolia in springtime-24

Magnolia in springtime-25

Magnolia in springtime-26

Magnolia in springtime-28

Magnolia in springtime-29

Magnolia in springtime-30

Magnolia in springtime-31

Magnolia in springtime-32

I hope that you enjoyed them and much as I did capturing each moment!

Much Love,

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