If you follow my Facebook and Instagram you know that I paint as well. I had my paintings in a local store up until recently and pulled everything out because of so much dishonesty and fraud was going on. So as I search for a new store that is a good fit for my paintings, I will be utilizing my etsy shop and providing pop up shopping in my home.

I was excited to create a spring collection full of color and inspiration. My idea behind the paintings is to add happiness to someone’s life and brighten their day. We all have battles that we fight. So many of those battles start in our mind and from the world throwing lies our way. I want my paintings to be another source of truth that goes on your wall to remind and inspire daily.

When I started the You Are….Simple collection, I thought about adding flowers to those at first, but after a poll, many said to keep it simple. I am glad that I did. I think it makes the message stand out more.

All these designs will be available in my etsy shop. If you click on an image, it will appear bigger. There were lots more photos of the same paintings in each set up, but a taste is always good. I hope you find hope and happiness in my paintings.

I would love to hear which is your favorite?

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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