As I have cleaned up so much of my old laptop and organized more files, I found so many gems that I never edited. We got out quite a bit last year to Middleton Place and the last time we went was around summertime. So while right now, there are azaleas blooming everywhere on the property and I will most definitely have some new shots from all the beautiful flowers!

I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to show you guys these photos from Middleton Place last summer from what I saw with my eyes. Its so interesting that many people can look at the same thing and they each see something different. It is definitely one of my favorite places because of its lush gardens. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


Middleton PlaceMiddleton Place-2Middleton Place-3Middleton Place-4Middleton Place-5Middleton Place-8Middleton Place-10Middleton Place-11Middleton Place-12Middleton Place-13Middleton Place-14Middleton Place-15Middleton Place-18Middleton Place-19Middleton Place-20Middleton Place-21Middleton Place-22Middleton Place-23Middleton Place-24Middleton Place-25Middleton Place-26Middleton Place-27Middleton Place-28Middleton Place-29Middleton Place-30Middleton Place-31Middleton Place-32Middleton Place-33Middleton Place-34Middleton Place-35Middleton Place-36Middleton Place-37Middleton Place-39Middleton Place-41Middleton Place-42Middleton Place-43Middleton Place-44Middleton Place-45Middleton Place-46Middleton Place-48


Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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