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Guard Yourself In The Midst Of The Storm

Earlier today, I came across a video on Facebook that was sharing some really amazing facts about going to the beach or living close by the beach. How the beach can change brainwaves, bring a sense of calmness and peace, how it destimulates the brain, how it helps us to slow down and relax, how the smell of ocean breeze is soothing and how … Read More Guard Yourself In The Midst Of The Storm


Allow Yourself To Be Who You Are

Do you even know who you are anymore? Have you found yourself asking yourself “who am I? One of the reasons we get here is due to the fact that we had started to suppress who we truly are along this path in life to fit into some box the world, our family, our friends, tried to put us in. Life happens to all … Read More Allow Yourself To Be Who You Are


Seasons Of Uncertainty

Are you a planner or like to have control over what happens in your life or would just kind of like to KNOW what you should be doing in certain situations? Sometimes, we don’t even come off normally as one that likes to be in control, but when stuff gets rough or a HUGE change is coming, the feelings of wanting to be in … Read More Seasons Of Uncertainty