Have you ever had a nudging in your spirit that there was something more to life than what you were dealing with at a particular moment? Maybe life was and had been tough for you for quite some time and you found yourself thinking “there has got to be more”.

Its like an itch to do something different. We begin to feel an itch for something more, but not everyone goes and investigates. Not everyone goes and opens the door. Not everyone goes to ask questions. Not everyone chooses that narrow path. Not everyone says yes.

Why is that? We want more, but we get a taste and then begin to shrink back to our area of comfort, right? Because it’s hard and we don’t believe enough in ourselves or the Father to get us through. I gotta be honest with you. YES it’s hard. It’s not easy being pruned, corrected, transformed. It’s not easy having “the world” plucked out of you when you thought that was truth all along.

I began to feel an itch quite a few years ago and it became my journey to truth. Years of transformation. Years of pruning. Years of discipline. To getting back to the place of my original design. You see when God created us, our original design was perfect, but some where along the way, we were fed some lies and ended up believing them.

We started looking around to the world for answers.

We began to think we were not good enough when we tried something one time.

We believed the harsh words of someone’s OPINION of us.

We began to think life was about money. The more you have, the better your life is.

We began to believe that WE didn’t have what it takes.

We allowed shame and condemnation to sit in our living rooms day in and day out.

We allowed things into our bodies that cause destruction over time.

We hustled our way through life being busier than busy and called it “the life” and it made us proud.

We began to shrink back from community because it’s hard to be in a room with people so different or because we were hurt at some point.

We allowed fear to be rooted in our front yard, growing in to a large thing that hovers over us everywhere we go.

We began to believe the person we look at in the mirror is Just who we are with all the worldly attachments – greed, lust, alcoholism, anger, attitude, lack, fear, depression, anxiety, materialism, and so much more.

Y’all I had anger, attitude, lack, depression, anxiety, and materialism attached to me like it was a sibling and part of my DNA and I thought that was just who I was. But the truth was that none of this was pure. It didn’t provide me with freedom. It kept me in this box with chains attached to me and I couldn’t get out. I was stuck constantly looking at my problems, living in fear, looking at the problems of people, looking at what I lacked, suppressed my personality, trying to fill a void and mold myself into what the world thought I should be like. I was carrying around some heart wounds and I even wanted to commit suicide.

Did a Father who LOVED his children intend for us to live this way? HECK NO!!!

You see God created us perfectly, but we believed the lie that we were not good. That we have nothing to offer. That our personalities were crappy. That we were too tall or too short. That our legs were too big. That our eyes need to be a different color. That our hair isnt straight enough or good. That we are too dark or too light. That we are too old for fun. That our natural is ugly.

You were created beautifully as a masterpiece!! Start to believe that truth before you take in another lie.

Believe that your personality is a gift and that you were not created like anyone else.

Believe that the person who you were before someone told your their opinion of you was so darn good that she didn’t need to be “fixed”. And forgive yourself when you tried to fix her.

The TRUTH of who you are (that has got to go beyond the surface) is Perfect. God is calling you back to her. That’s why life can be a struggle because we are trying to live outside of our original design living a life that is not God’s best.

You my love are so needed, so loved, so beautiful, so unique, so amazing, but I need you to begin to believe that.

Pick your head up as you speak words of truth over yourself. Hold your head up high, and pick up your crown. It got knocked off and for years you walked past it on the ground looking at it and believing you were not worthy. So you continued day in and day out just stepping over it.


Pick up that crown and put it back on because you are the child of a KING! Walk in that and believe the TRUTH.

Much Love,

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