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Real Talk: You Know “Those Days”, I Have Them Too.

I had every intention of doing Real Talk Tuesday LIVE on Facebook yesterday. Like, seriously. I woke up energetic. I had my coffee. I talked my husbands ears off during the ride out to the country. Taking a new window out to the house to replace this week (or next) was one thing on our agenda for the day. If you are new around … Read More Real Talk: You Know “Those Days”, I Have Them Too.


Vlog: How To Maintain A Positive Mindset

Earlier this month, I started a new series on my Facebook page called Real Talk Tuesday where I dive into things I have been asked, feel on my heart, or just truth to combat the lies that we have been believing as our own truth. For this episode, I had two wonderful women join me as we discussed a few ways on how we … Read More Vlog: How To Maintain A Positive Mindset


Start With What You Have

Start with what you have…. That is sometimes easier said than done. We get this idea or dream in our heart and we become really excited. We start to plan out things on paper, we research til we fall out of our chairs, we become ready, but through all that planning and research we probably came across a few other people that are doing … Read More Start With What You Have

Vlog: (1st One!!) Going Through The Valley


Stepping Out In My Calling

Over the weekend, I posted my heart on my personal facebook page and I want to post here as well. I am an open book and I like to share what is on my heart. I shared some news earlier this year, but never really followed up to truly put it out there. When I used to post to a fitness page of mine … Read More Stepping Out In My Calling