“Podcast”, you might be asking yourself. Like how is she on Episode 07 when this is my first time “reading” about a podcast?

Well I completely forgot to blog about starting a podcast. Right after it launched the 1st week in July, I was heading out to Washington state to help a friend (we have been friends since kindergarten. Then I came back, caught a cold, then caught covid, and just about a week ago is when I fully felt like myself 100% again.

So I am catching you up. With Episode 07…

The podcast is called The Blessed Brokenness Podcast and its all about sharing truth, light and encouragement to uplift women around the world. Its also a place where women that have walked through brokenness and and said yes to freedom, can come to share their story to help bring other women through the valley. My hope is that every woman will begin to realize we are not “just broken” as we may have rehearsed over and over to ourselves, but that we are holy because we have been made holy and whole.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Jenny Bonilla recently and it was such a beautiful time. I got to hear how brokenness came knocking at the door, but after being nudged by Holy Spirit, even when she didn’t know what was happening, to make some radical decisions, God lead her to truth and freedom. We all love a story of redemption right? Take a listen!

You can also listen on your favorite podcast app including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Just search Blessed Brokenness Podcast.

The part I forgot at the end was What was meant for evil, God will turn around for good. I pray that you are able to see the hope for your own life through Jenny’s story.

For scripture reference on the story of Rahab the Harlot (prostitute), refer to Joshua chapter 2, Chapter 6 verse 22, then in Matthew 1:5 we will see how she married the man she rescued in Joshua.

For the woman with issue of blood, is found in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but you can take a look at Luke 8:43-48.

I hope we begin to pick up our crowns and walk the journey back to our original design and The Truth.

Always remember sisters (and brothers), you are brave and so courageous! Grab a hold of the hope in front of you and hold on to it to begin taking that first hard step.

I am cheering for you and praying for you

Much Love,

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