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A Sacrifice We Make Is Only Temporary

Do you find yourself struggling with obedience and saying yes to God? Would you say it’s a trust and faith issue? For me, I believe it was a trust and faith issue. It was hard putting my trust in Him when I was pretty much living on my own plan for my life. That may can be the case for many of us. We … Read More A Sacrifice We Make Is Only Temporary


Seasons Of Uncertainty

Are you a planner or like to have control over what happens in your life or would just kind of like to KNOW what you should be doing in certain situations? Sometimes, we don’t even come off normally as one that likes to be in control, but when stuff gets rough or a HUGE change is coming, the feelings of wanting to be in … Read More Seasons Of Uncertainty


From The Heart: Change

CHANGE. Gosh that can be a scary word! It requires you to do something different than what you have been used to doing for a while. The past few years, 5 years to be exact, have been about nothing but change. Its absolutely crazy how much change I have endured – challenges, heart ache, pain, courage, stepping out, holding back, holding on to the … Read More From The Heart: Change