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Vlog: Be Who You Needed When You Were A Kid

Our sweet little ones need us all the time. We needed someone to help guide us through certain things when we were a kid, so who did we need when we were a kid? Be that person for someone else.


You Have Everything You Need…

I am sure you have seen these words before. And maybe you just saw them as words and not as an actual truth because it wasn’t broken down in a way that reached you. Maybe you just saw them simply as a quote. We tend to do that with a lot of words that come our way, but since I am a lover of … Read More You Have Everything You Need…


Take Time To See The Beauty Around You

Over the weekend I did a series of posts around the same topic for the entire weekend over on my facebook page. We had death in the family and I needed some time to just be. It got me thinking and reminded me to make sure that I took time out to see the beauty all around me.  Was I waking up each day … Read More Take Time To See The Beauty Around You


Who Are You?

I recently had a phone conversation with a good friend from middle school . She was telling me to pray for another old school friend that was facing some challenging times and has been left feeling broken and really low. As we continued to talk, I said something and she responded “I don’t even know who I am”. Those words struck my heart because … Read More Who Are You?