Over the weekend I did a series of posts around the same topic for the entire weekend over on my facebook page. We had death in the family and I needed some time to just be. It got me thinking and reminded me to make sure that I took time out to see the beauty all around me. FB_IMG_1517272837704.jpg

Was I waking up each day rushed? Too busy to see a bird fly by? Was I still able to hear the birds chirping in the morning? When was the last time I truly enjoyed a sunset? When was the last time I sat outside on the front porch to read a book? On the back patio?

Life gets busy and if we are not careful, every ounce of it will pass us by! God leaves us beautiful creations that are just perfect in every way. He has been pursuing us every single day, but many times we have become too busy to even notice.

I wanted to encourage you all to take some time to actually see and be in the beauty all around you! Life can be so short, but we have to come back down from “busy” and remember the little things.

I hope you enjoy a few photos from looking out at nature through my eyes!

When you start to look around, what are you actually seeing now?







Magnolia in springtime-30

Magnolia in springtime-13

Remember to slow down and breathe in the natural fresh air. Take time to look around.

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer


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