Every Tuesday since October, I have been doing Real Talk Tuesday on my Facebook page where I dig into a topic and speak some truth to encourage others. My mission is to bring truth, light and encouragement to as many women as possible, helping them to realize who they are and allow them to tell their story, while leaving them ridiculously hopeful for tomorrow.

This morning as I was getting dressed, I got the itch to write, so here we are.
I am usually given a message to speak on through the simplest things. Sometimes its a photo, sometimes its words someone says, observation from my facebook feed, scripture in the bible, even looking at the trees and clouds.

I was looking through photographs I took at one of the oldest gardens here in Charleston and I got a message about our path in life as I stopped on one photo.

I began to feel the aches and pains of the hearts of those around me. There are many that feel alone. There are many that have been on the journey for some time and it feels so hard. There are many that are just tired. They have been at it, pushing and it feels like they can’t push past this one wall. I was feeling that there are many people that are thinking about giving up.

The path we are on can sometimes feel daunting, lonely, and like you will never get to the other side, but I want to encourage you to keep going, keep pushing through and hold on to hope.

Can you relate to any of those feelings?

Maybe you are on a fitness journey and those around you are just killing it with their health and it feels like you are only dropping 1lb here and there and then gaining it back. I have been there!

Maybe you have this dream or vision in your heart. It seems so real, you can picture it so well, but it seems out of reach. You thought at one point you could work towards it, but then the door closed and the only thing you could think was that its best to just move on to something else because that’s not meant to be.

Maybe its a relationship that you want to change so bad, but it has been causing to much heartache, that you just can’t take anymore. You are tired of putting in the work. It feels lonely and you wonder why can’t your relationship with this person isn’t worthy to be redeemed.

Maybe its with something God put in your heart that has been so big and you have been doing your part and working at it little by little but every time you feel like you are about to break through, something happens making it seem like maybe you heard God wrong and you have begin to doubt everything.

There could be a mixture of things, but my beautiful sister, I need you to take a deep breath and welcome some truth in your life. The path can FEEL all those ways, but the truth is that its just a feeling.

Sure you may be feeling alone, but the truth is God is always with you. (Isaiah 40:31)

You may be feeling like its so hard, but the truth is God empowers those he calls. (Hebrews 13:21)

You may be feeling tired and weary, but the truth is God will give you new strength and renew your power. (Isaiah 41:10)

You may be feeling all the things, but when we align ourselves up with the truth, we find new found hope and strength to keep pushing through in the midst of the struggles, trials and tribulations. But we have to make a decision ahead of time that we will not give up.

You are not weak. You are not double minded. You are not wishy-washy. You are not defeated. You have not been skipped over. You are not going to miss out on your calling.

You are not the lies that come up in your head that leave feeling ashamed and worthless.

You are way more than that.

Fearless. Bold. Empowered. Amazing. Strong. Motivated. Resilient. Tough. Brave. Courageous. Worthy. Capable. Victorious. Confident. Determined.

Just because something seems like its not meant to be, it doesn’t mean that it is never happening. What if it just wasn’t the right season?

What if God wanted to give you a heads up on what’s to come, because He loves you so much, but so many times we dive in believing its NOW season and end up frustrated because we haven’t waited on God. There is nothing wrong with getting started, but if you do get started, promise yourself that you will never give up on that things He places in your heart.

What if God was working on a better way for it to happen?

What if you had a bit more growing to do in order to handle that greatness that was to come?

What if God IS working behind the scenes, orchestrating all the details?

I don’t know about you, but I had some growing to do in this life. Some getting rid of old mindsets in order to walk in truth and rise up to the person I have been created to be. Erasing lies I have believed and getting rid of the ways of the world in me, took time and it was a journey. I don’t ever want to go back to something just to receive it all and not be ready spiritually or emotionally to handle it.

Sister, don’t you dare give up!
Hold on to hope, truth, and stand firm believing that you CAN because He lives in you. Not in your strength, but His.

When we are thinking about giving up, I believe its all part of the enemy’s scheme to get you off your path and leave you feeling defeated.

Yes, I know its not easy.
Yes, I know it may be the hardest thing you have ever done.
Yes, I know that there maybe some people trying to discourage you.
Yes, I know it feels like you may be alone.

But I know that YOU CAN.

I know that you can push through. I know that there is some strength within you waiting to be tapped into.

You gotta start telling yourself the truth. Don’t open your mouth and let words of defeat come out. Allow empowering, strength building words to be released from you tongue.

And imagine me right beside you, looking at you, feeling all you are feeling, sitting in it right with you, loving you enough to look you in the eye and say firmly with all the love in my heart “Don’t you dare give up. I need you to dig deep and push. You’ve got this”

Though we experience every kind of pressure, we are not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option.
2 Corinthians 5:8
So no wonder we don’t give up. For even though our outer person gradually wears out, our inner being in renewed every single day.
2 Corinthians 5:16

Much Love,

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