It’s the last month of the year and of a decade. I have been getting this gentle nudge to slow down and really narrow my focus. To really be honest with myself and how I have been spending my time. To really be honest about this holiday season. To not focus on more, more, more, but to actually be content with less.

As I have been doing that, my soul longs for Heavenly Father. I want to feel his presence and be in His presence. I want to be near Him, close to Him, tethered to Him and His heart.

When we become busy with trying to keep up with so much stuff we lose that deep connection with Him. We start to drift away from the quiet time we have set in place, our focus tends to be more on our to do list, we become frazzled and panicked alot trying to keep up.

We want something more, but what we haven’t begin to realize is that the “more” that we are searching for is not in a new agenda, more organizational things, more material things, more vacations, more money, etc. The “more” we are in search of, is a longing that we have in our spirits for Jesus.

He calls us by name (Isaiah 43:1), He nudges us and our soul and spirit starts to long for something more.

MORE of Him.

As you go through this season, remember you dont have to keep up with anything or anyone. Remember your priorities and be okay with saying NO. As you feel that longing for more, be intentional to slow down and realign your focus. Begin to spend more time with Him and give yourself some grace when you backslide.

It’s a new morning and I believe our spirits long for Him. (Isaiah 26:9) Go sit with Him and allow Him to wash away all your worry, anxiety and rushed feeling. Go to a deeper level with Him and just watch how things shift while you begin to feel His presence.

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