I spent some time getting re-organized this week. My office, my computer, the house. There comes a time when it needs to be done and then a time when you just get sick and tired of seeing duplicates of things, things you don’t need and just clutter! I don’t do clutter well, but I have been finding myself making little piles to clear up cluttered areas. But this week I kind of had enough and started clearing off everything!

During that time of becoming clutter free, I was cleaning up files on my computer and I found some photographs from a day this past spring when my hubby and I went on a photography date in Mt. Pleasant and took some photographs. I would LOVE to have the weather that we had that day, like right now!

My husband, Tommy has gotten into photography and he is doing quite well. I am super proud of him. I must say that my 7 year old has as well. She has her own camera and went on a date with her daddy to take photos and she did amazingly well! Proud momma there too! Photography definitely runs in the family!

Well, I went ahead to finish editing those photos from my day date with the hubby and realized that I never shared them here. So here ya go. He is my goof ball and keeps me laughing….most the time Morning in Mt Pleasant-3Morning in Mt Pleasant-4Morning in Mt Pleasant-5Morning in Mt Pleasant-6Morning in Mt Pleasant-7Morning in Mt Pleasant-8Morning in Mt Pleasant-9Morning in Mt Pleasant-10Morning in Mt Pleasant-11Morning in Mt Pleasant-12Morning in Mt Pleasant-13Morning in Mt Pleasant-14Morning in Mt Pleasant-15Morning in Mt Pleasant-16Morning in Mt Pleasant-17

What are some of your favorite things to do together as a couple or a family?

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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