I took a little break from things to take an assessment on my life. I started the year with Lara Casey’s Make it Happen goal planner and it has helped me focus on living each day on purpose and let go of chasing perfect. So far this year we have been out in nature more, enjoying the simple things without blowing all kinds of money. Just getting back to the basics.

I got a new computer for Christmas and it has taken a while to get all my files and things organized the way I want them and one thing I have committed to is to edit my own fun photos that I take of our lives and fun. I have so many that I have not touched. I take them and then store. The photos below are from how we celebrated our Valentine’s day. Tommy, my husband had to work, so the next day he came home and we went on a little day date to do what we love doing together. Take photos.

Tommy had never been to Drayton Hall in Charleston. My first time there was in 2001 or 2002 when I was doing a project in high school. And during that project is when I really started photography. With a disposable camera. Yes, I know. But I used what I had and got some black & white photos and filmed in black white for a video presentation. I remembered the feeling of being out here along with 2 other gardens along the same main road. I knew Tommy would enjoy it as well.

After walking around for a while, a storm came through that forced us to get our bums back to car to protect our gear and we enjoyed the rest of our date with a new restaurant for lunch.

Drayton Hall is off of Ashley River Road in Charleston, South Carolina. Next time we will go in the house and get more photos to share!


I hope you enjoyed these and that you are having a wonderful week so far!

Much Love,

Crystal Keefer

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