This past weekend has been a busy one! I had a few photo shoots on Sunday, a house full of children on Saturday and Friday, my daughter, Constance, had her first soccer practice of the spring season. So you can now consider me the newest soccer mom in town! I love every moment of watching her play and watching her grow as she learns more. She has been counting down from the moment we registered her to the moment where she had her first practice. I have to admit, I have been a bit excited for her! It is so fun to be able to watch your little ones work as a team with other children, see their skills, and really, just be in the moment with them!

Soccer has actually been one of my favorite sports for a long time and to have a kid that enjoys it as well, yeah, that’s even better! We honestly wanted to try her out to see if it was something she liked before we signed her up with a bigger league. I completely lost track of time this year and forgot about the other league, so she went back with our local YMCA. Its great that we have one a bit down the road from our house!

Since her last soccer season last spring, I have gotten so much better with my camera, so taking photos is most definitely a thing that I must do. I totally can not go through the entire season without capturing her in her moment! I must say, it is such a blessing to be able to be there while she practices, while she has her games, and I am not needed other places. Where as, when I was growing up, my parents worked long hours and there wasn’t any time. They did what they could, and I am okay with that, but I knew I wanted to be there for our children when we had children and I so am grateful for that!

Constance did really good and she is literally one the tallest girls on the team. She is extremely tall for her age at 7 years old. Okay, enough talk, here are the photos from her first practice!

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3 Comments on “Meet the newest soccer mom

    • Thank you Liz!!! We get excited when we come across another since it’s not a common name of this day and age.


      • It really isn’t! I love all the classic names that people can actually spell and pronounce. Some of these kids get the strangest names because their parents try to be “unique.” lol


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