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Don’t Throw A Whole Year Out

I believe so many of us had a rough season or period in 2019 and we automatically kicked the whole darn year out, because it was tough. Each day we get to live, we have choices to make. Did you know we can choose our attitude. It’s so easy to walk through something hard and then forget about all the good days we had … Read More Don’t Throw A Whole Year Out


Its The First Day Of A New Decade

Were you one of those people that tried to get everything in order to start fresh for the new year? Like so much that it became a chore vs something you were able to enjoy? A few of my friends and I spend quite a few hours at a local coffee shop earlier this week to work on our goals for this year of … Read More Its The First Day Of A New Decade


Its Okay To Slow Down

When I woke up this morning, I already knew it was going to be a bit dreary. It stormed all night and the thunder woke me up quite a few times throughout the night, not to mention Thor, our big Carolina dog, pacing back and forth through the room. I can’t hardly hear anything while I am asleep, but his claws tapping on the … Read More Its Okay To Slow Down