I believe so many of us had a rough season or period in 2019 and we automatically kicked the whole darn year out, because it was tough. Each day we get to live, we have choices to make. Did you know we can choose our attitude. It’s so easy to walk through something hard and then forget about all the good days we had in between, and become bitter and sour about the whole year.

I totally get it and I have to agree that bad days truly suck! They make things seem worse than they are, they test you like no other, and many times the hits keep coming one after another. Bad days happen to all of us, no matter how much we try to fight it and no matter how positive we are, some days are just a bit tougher than the rest.

But the reality is it’s a day, sometimes a moment from a particular day. We must be careful because at times we can carry on so much, talk about it so much, focus on it so much that it starts to actually sound like feel as though we have a bad life. We start to say things like “my life sucks”.

Really?! You got two flat tires today and your WHOLE life sucks?? You didn’t have coffee, someone hacked into your bank account, you lost your job and your WHOLE life sucks?!

Did we really go the whole year without laughing, smiling, some sort of adventure even if it was as simple as a visit to the bowling alley or movies?

What happened during that fun vacation you had 2 months ago. What happened when you celebrated your birthday with all your close friends and family? What happened when you had a spa day and had time to yourself? Those were good days. Are you throwing them out and saying that all actually sucked?

Well that’s part of your life too…

Bad days, a crappy week, does not equate a bad life or a bad year. There are 365 days in a year and when we tell ourselves “2019 sucked”, we are saying “nothing went good, I didn’t enjoy that one on one time I took with my kid, I didn’t enjoy that amazing dinner I had at _____, I didnt enjoy the times hanging out with my best friend.” And it goes on and on.

Resorting to saying your life sucks sounds more like a perspective problem. A gratitude problem. Are you thankful for what you do have? Have you thought that you lost that job because God wants you to step out and follow your dreams? Have you thought that those 2 flat tires may have saved you from a horrific accident at the next stop light?

I know about days that aren’t so good. Trust me. I have had my share. I have also had my share of an attitude that got me no where. A small mindset. I have walked through some hard stuff, but we dont have to allow that stuff define who we are or let it take over our whole year.

I guarantee if we really sat to reflect on the year, you will find some goodness and realize that you had quite a few good days

But think about it….

How does a bad day equal a bad life? Weeelll, it doesn’t! A bad day is what it is a bad day. A day where things are just a bit off. Things seem to be going wrong. You thoughts are being attacked. And worst of all, some of those “bad days” involve losing someone extremely close to you and it literally takes your breath away. I truly get it!!

What is our perspective in life. Our stinking thinking can set us up for a life that we never wanted to live, but we end up bringing that into existence by the way we think, the words we say and the way perceive things and situations.

What if you decided to treat each day as a gift?
What if you decided to create boundaries in your life? What if you decided to start saying “No”?
What if you decided to choose joy even through the hard and challenging times?What if your words had the power to create joy around your days?

I do have to tell you something, we will have more hard days because when we start rising up, we get thrown lemons. How will we deal with those lemons? Will we allow them to make us bitter and sour because we drank the juice or will we throw them back?

How will we approach the hard crap? Those hard days produce strength in us. We are not weak people that bow down to opposition and crap thrown our way. We have so much strength inside to keep going and wise enough to call a DAY what it is and we realize that one day or week or month, does not equal a whole year.

My friend that does not mean you have a bad life. You still have a beautiful life to live. Give thanks for the good things and everything that is going right and you will see after all, that perspective is everything.

Much Love,

Crystal Keefer

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