Its a new week and a fresh start to make great things happen! Do you get excited when you are presented with a new week and when Monday rolls around? I see it as letting go of what happened or what didn’t happen last week and getting a fresh start to get things right this week. Like I literally get excited for a Monday! It hasn’t always been that way. I actually used to dread Mondays and the weekend ending! But after changing and transforming my own mind to think differently and more positively, it is amazing what that can do! I hope your Monday is fabulous and that you can view it as a fresh start as well!

A few weeks ago, another photographer friend with Cassie Wilson Photography, (one that I had not met in person yet) invited me out to a modeling session that she was doing for a new dress she had gotten in. At first I was really excited and then come the day of the shoot, I started to get a little cold feet I guess about actually meeting up. You know those ridiculous thoughts that come to your mind that try to keep you from living a bigger life. The thoughts that try to keep you confined in your comfort zone? Yeah, those are the ones I was having. “Well, what if I don’t know what to say?” “I am not sure if they will even like me…” “What if they judge me by my camera equipment because I choose to be different?” and so forth and so on!

Luckily I am stronger than my inner thoughts and I got myself together and went anyways! The location was in the COUNTRY of our country town. I actually live in the same town, but my area is closer to the city and the area that we went to was straight in the woods! There were a few times when I was driving, that I was stuffing my face with chips that I picked up from the gas station out of nervousness. Hey, its not too often when I just drive in the middle of no where and actually don’t know where I am going. It was a bit eerie!

After I make it there everything turned out to be really amazing! The ladies, the model, the children. It was a fun experience and made new friends in the process! I call that a win, win!

Here are a few of my shots from the shootMaternity and Family-2Maternity and Family-9Maternity and Family-12Maternity and Family-17Maternity and Family-19Maternity and Family-22Maternity and Family-25Maternity and Family-26Maternity and Family-30Maternity and Family-49

I hope you enjoy! I will post the family photos from this session next and the rest from this shoot!

Much Love,
Crystal Keefer

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