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Client Headshots: Lisa

Lisa reached out to me because she was getting back into the real estate world and really needed some head shots for her website and business cards. She is like me. Wanted nothing to do with the boring indoor shots that most agents seem to go along with vs. truly letting their personality show through photography outdoors. We talked a bit and decided on … Read More Client Headshots: Lisa


Sneak Peek – Maternity Session

Its a new week and a fresh start to make great things happen! Do you get excited when you are presented with a new week and when Monday rolls around? I see it as letting go of what happened or what didn’t happen last week and getting a fresh start to get things right this week. Like I literally get excited for a Monday! … Read More Sneak Peek – Maternity Session


Udy Photo Session

I must call myself lucky to have wonderful friends that want to be photographed and allow me to put my skills to great use. I have realized since digging deeper into photography, I just love being outside photographing people. I guess I am a people person after all. Many years ago, I would hide within myself and shy back. I was literally limiting myself … Read More Udy Photo Session